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Learning and Teaching of Bookbinding in Graphic Technology through the context of Quality Assurance in Higher Education

Author : Suzana Pasanec Preprotic, Gorana Petkovic
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The Functional Model of Medium of Popular Science Content

Author : Alina Petrushka
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Visualizing the scientific information nowadays: the problems and challenges

Author : Veslava Osinska
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Rules for implementing open source solutions

Author : Sebastian D. Kotula
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We recommended

Author : Zbigniew Osinski
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Information science journals in Brazil: Comparative analysis between quality indices and indices of academic and social impact

Author : Ronaldo Ferreira Araújo, Ariadne Chloë Mary Furnival
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Developing Digital Collections: a Training Model of Digital Humanities Web Projects in Library and Information Science Education

Author : Fodor János, Kiszl Péter
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Conceptual approaches to the definition of the term «fact»

Author : Maria Komova
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