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Examination of pipeline planning in terms of hydraulic criteria

Author : Prof. Dr. Necati Gülbahar
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Study on the impact of thermal rehabilitation on energy consumption of schools in Romania

Author : Tiberiu Catalina, Marian Grigore, Alexandra Ene
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Particularities relating bananas refrigeration in mobile transport means using freon R449A

Author : Lector. dr. ing. Razvan CALOTA, ing. Andrei LUPU
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System for the use of renewable sources for heating a residential building. Method of assessing energy performance. Energy analysis

Author : Prof. dr. ing. Florin Iordache, Drd. Ing. Mugurel Talpiga
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Assessing the effectiveness of dune sand as a mineral addition to produce ultra-high performance fiber reinforced concretes

Author : Farida Ait Medjber, Mohammed Saidi, Brahim Safi, Hamza Mechakra
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Influence of the acoustic insulation position on the reverberation time and noise level in a large classroom

Author : Catalin Bailescu, Vlad Iordache
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Space and time variations of the effect of the urban heat island; Case study for the city of Bucharest

Author : Florinela Ardelean
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Optimizing systems for the use of solar energy for space heating and hot water preparation in buildings

Author : Drd. ing. Mugurel Talpiga, Drd. ing. Eugen Mandric, Prof. dr. Ing. Florin Iordache
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