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Aspecte privind predic?ia coroziunii electrozilor de pamântare în solul municipiului Timi?oara Partea I. Masuratori

Author : ?tefan PAVEL, Ioan-Bogdan PASCU, Bogdan-Ovidiu ?ARANU, Oana-Alexandra GRAD, Romeo NEGREA
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Optimizing rescue of people in the event of fire in construction by shaping specific skills

Author : Aurel Trofin
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Stabilization of Expansive Soil With Coal slurry and Fly Ash

Author : Dadi Hamza, Berga Abdelmadjid, Khelifi Abdelghafour
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The study of air quality in urban areas from Romania

Author : Mihai Dima, Vlad Iordache
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Aspects regarding the constructive optimization of a compressed heat pump system (with a backup source) for heating a residential building or the preparation of hot water

Author : prof. Florin Iordache, Ing. Mugurel Talpiga
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Non-linear non-linear thermal behavior of porous block walls

Author : prof. Florin Iordache
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Fire simulation by using three methods of introducing HRR (Heat Release Rate).

Author : Marius Dorin Lulea, Vlad Iordache, Ilinca Nastase
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The effect of nature the granulate on the evolution of the thermal conductivity of an resin concrete exposed to high temperatures

Author : BENOUDJAFER imane, BENOUDJAFER ibtissam, LABBACI Boudjemaa
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Increasing energy efficiency in wind power systems operating at variable wind speeds over time. Part I

Author : Lucian CRISAN, Simona POPA-ALBU, Meda Alexandra LAZAR, Daniel BREBENARIU, Cristian MURARESCU, Marius DUDU, Ioan BORZA, Marius BABESCU
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