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Aspects regarding the construction of safe earthquake staircases

Author : Ana - Maria Pîrvanus, Vlad Stefan Niculae, Daniel Stoica
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A study on the strengthening of buildings by utilizing viscous dampers

Author : Himan Mohammad Eisa
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Comparative study regarding corrosion in time of the ground electrodes, Part 3 – Electrical measurements

Author : Stefan PAVEL, Ioan Bogdan PASCU, Nicoleta NEMES, Romeo NEGREA, Emilia DOBRIN, BURIAC Oana
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Estimation of soil losses using RUSLE model and GIS tools: Case study of the Mellah catchment, Northeast of Algeria

Author : Bouzeria Housseyn, Ghenim Abderrahmane Nekkache, Khanchoul Kamel, Bouguerra Hamza, Tachi Salah-Eddine
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Phreatic aquifer water upwelling: causes, consequences and remedies

Author : Alia Basma ABBA, Asma ABBAS, Oum Elkheir BACHI, Sofiane SAGGAÏ
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Choice of heat pumps for powering central heating installations and preparing hot water for buildings

Author : Florin Iordache
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Research on the use of a photovoltaic system in an urban locality

Author : Luna Gina Mihaela
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