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Design of adaptive solar shading system based on the Cuboctahedron

Author : Ana-Maria Graur
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Modelling Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems

Author : Alexandra Georgiana Ioan, Iulian Iancu, Anton Anton
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Specific conditions for an optimal operation of air-water heat pumps

Author : George Dragomir, Ioan Boian
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Light weight gypsum-based material manufactured by expanding process with aluminum powder

Author : Lucian Paunescu, Sorin Mircea Axinte, Bogdan Valentin Paunescu
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Biofilters efficiency in removing ammonium from water intended for human consumption

Author : G Radu, G Racoviteanu, E Vulpasu
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Hibrid system energetic performances evaluation composed by vapor compression heat pump used in building heating and dailly hot water

Author : Florin Iordache, Mugurel Talpiga, Alexandru Draghici
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