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Case study regarding the energy efficiency of a modular house having ecological envelope

Author : Georgiana Corsiuc, Carmen Marza
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High-strength cellular building material prepared by direct microwave heating using industrial silicate wastes and borax

Author : Lucian Paunescu, Sorin-Mircea Axinte, Bogdan-Valentin Paunescu
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Running a hydronic balancing simulator in Microsoft Excel

Author : Ciprian Bacotiu, Peter Kapalo, Constantin Cilibiu
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Advanced electric drives in the wind turbine conversion chain

Author : Emilia Dobrin
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Considerations regarding access to gas from renewable sources to the network existing gas distribution

Author : Diana Laura Meran
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Biomechanical models used in the analysis of vibrations induced to the human organism

Author : Alexandru Toader, Cristian Pavel, Florin Bausic, Robert Ursache
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The importance of the correct determination of the input parameters in the FDS software; the importance of validating numerical studies with experimental studies

Author : Marius Dorin Lulea
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