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Relationship between thinking styles and cognitive load: A contextual study of Arab special learners

Author : Mogbel Aid K Alenizi
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Politics and the Novel in a Post-Brexit World: Ali Smith’s Autumn

Author : Lejla Mulalic
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An observation on the introduction of mobile messenger apps for collaborative online tasks in post-secondary education

Author : Robert Schrenk
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Multimodal Analysis of two Anti-Semitic Posters in the Independent State of Croatia

Author : Damir Bešlija
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The Relationship Between Covid-19, Online Learning and Intercultural Education

Author : Amila dautbašic, Jasna Saracevic
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Attitude towards learning English as a foreign language

Author : Haris Delic
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Globalization in the Time of the Coronavirus Pandemic: From the Erosion of the Nation – State to the Crisis of the Global Society

Author : Adis Maksic, Adem Olovcic, Selma Delalic
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Bracna stecevina u zakonodavstvu i sudskoj praksi Bosne i Hercegovine

Author : Esad Oruc
Abstract | Full Text

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