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Indonesia and United States General System of Preference (US-GSP): Eligibility of Indonesia as a Beneficiary Country

Author : Achmad Ismail
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Strategy To Strengthen Cooperation Between The European Union And The Mediterranean Countries Through The Union For Mediterranean (UfM)

Author : Elistania; Farandy Nurmeiga; Agung Permadi
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Indonesia’s Image from China’s Perspective on South China Sea Dispute (A Preliminary Study on China’s Perception on Indonesia)

Author : Ardina Kartikasari
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Towards Perpetual Peace: The Dynamics of US and Vietnam Relations Since The Settlement of Agent Orange Case in 2000

Author : Bhakti Putra Utama; Shary Charlotte Pattipeilhy; Reni Windiani
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Escalation of Military Conflict between India and Pakistan in the Post Lahore Declaration (1999 – 2019): Security Dilemma Perspective

Author : Dwi Impiani
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Critical Engagement on Digital Sovereignty in International Relations: Actor Transformation and Global Hierarchy

Author : Abid A. Adonis
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