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Error Correction in Teaching Writing Skill: From Teacher’s Point of View to Practice, A Study at A Pedagogical University in Vietnam

Author : Nguyen Thi Thu Thao, Nguyen Duy Anh
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The Developmental Of Social Studies By Using Inquiry Model In Sdi Kardina Massa Blitar

Author : Hadi Mustofa
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The Implementation Of Islamic Multicultural Learningvalue Through Aswaja And Nu (Case study at MI Miftahul Huda Papungan 01 Blitar)

Author : Arif Muzayin Shofwan
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Social Science Learning through Cooperative Script Aplication: Development Strategy of Coorperative and Opinion Appreciation Character for Elementary School Students

Author : Suwarti, Mohammad Zainuddin
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An Investigation into Conceptual Metaphors Denoting Life in American and Vietnamese Short Stories

Author : Dinh Thi Mai Anh
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