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The Development Paths of Social Welfare Networks in Italy from Integration to Cooperation

Author : Maria Carmen Agnello*
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Are Animal Models Useful in Medical Research?

Author : Francisco Javier Buils*
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Clinical Study of Thirty Patients with Parkinson Disease and Associated Pathology

Author : Castejón OJ*, Galindez P, Salones de Castejón M
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Late Follow-Up of Rastelli Operation After One-Stage Repair with Right Ventricular Remodeling

Author : Miguel Maluf*
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A Non-Invasive Determination of LOXL1 and Fibulin-5 Levels in the Vaginal Secretions of Women with and Without Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Author : Bobby Garcia*, Afiba Arthur, Bansari Patel, Jenny Chang, Dongbao Chen, Felicia Lane
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