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Approach to chemometrics models by artificial neural network for structure: first applications for estimation retention time of doping agent

Author : Mehrdad Shahpar; Sharmin Esmaeilpoor
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Ultrasonic and Microwave effects on the Benzamide/Sulfuryl Chloride mediated benzoylation of Benzene derivatives under Vilsmeier-Haack conditions

Author : Marri Venkateswarlu; Mukka Satish Kumar; Chinna Rajanna Kamatala; Purugula Venkanna; Pondichery Kuppuswamy Saiprakash
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Prediction of the structural and spectral properties and reactivity of the silicon analogs of cyclobutadiene C4-nSinH4 (n=0-4) by density functional theory computations

Author : Mehdi Nabati
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An Applicable Method for the Estimation of Tetrabenazine by Simple RP-HPLC in Tablet Dosage Form

Author : Ali Ramazani; Mehdi Rezaei; Morteza Rouhani
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Investigation of photocatalytic performance of keggin type heteropolyacid in degradation of methylene blue

Author : Hossein Salavati; Abbas Teimouri; Shahnaz Kazemi
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Thermostable Polarizing Film on the Basis of Poly (vinyl alcohol) and New Dichroic Synthesized Azo Dye for Optical Applications: Theoretical and Experimental Investigations

Author : Siyamak Shahab; Liudmila Filippovich; Masoome Sheikhi; Radwan A. alnajjar
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Study of quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) of diarylaniline analogues as in vitro anti-HIV-1 agents in pharmaceutical interest

Author : Mohammed Bouachrin; Youness Bouakarai; Fouad Khalil
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