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Rate Accelerations in AgNO3 Mediated Transesterification of ß –Keto esters

Author : Thummala Raja Mani, Yelike Hemanth Sriram, KuthatiBhaskar, Addula Kiran Kumar,Kudle Karunakar Rao
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Association Parameters for Paratoluic Acid in Binary Mixtures of Ethanol and Water at Different Temperatures

Author : Elsayed Abouelleef, Maii Mashaly
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Electrochemical and Simulation Analysis of Salen as a Corrosion Inhibitor

Author : Homa Shafiee; Fatemeh Mostaghni; Kolsoum Ejraei
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Synthesis and Characterization of Nano Sized ZnO and CdO by Direct Thermal Decomposition of Their Nano Sized Metal Schiff base Complexes

Author : Iran Sheikhshoaie; Samaneh Ramezanpour; Mahdiye Sheikhshoaei
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Quetiapine Fumarate Syntheses and Its Determination Methods in the Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms, Human Plasma and Urine by RP-HPLC and Other Analytical Techniques: A Review

Author : Mehdi Rezaei; Ali Ramazani; Fahimeh Hokmabadi
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Theoretical Investigation on the Antitumor Drug: ThioTEPA and its Interaction with S-donor Biomolecules and DNA Purine Bases

Author : Mehdi Nabati; Maliheh-alsadat Kermanian; Hossein Mohammadnejad-Mehrabani; Hadieh Rahbar Kafshboran; Maryam Mehmannavaz; Saman Sarshar
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On The Characterization, Utilization and Wastewater Detoxification Potential of Pyrolysed Moringa oleifera Pods and Shells

Author : Adams Udoji Itodo ; Raymond Wuana; Patince Wombo
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