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Typology Architecture of the Stone Caravanserais of the Seljuk Period in Qom Province

Author : Elahe Lotfalikhani, Ahmad Danaeinia
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“Giveh” Handicraft in Iran: An Anthropological Study Approach

Author : Zahra Nikouei, Pedram Payvandy, Abolfazl Davodi Roknabadi
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The Role of Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque’s Buttress in Prevention of its Thrust and Reasons for its Re-thrust

Author : Narges Karimi, Reza Abouei, Dariush Heydari
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The Effects of Instructional Technology and Media on the Painting Skill of Special Kids

Author : Zohre Sahebi, Javad AliMohammadi Ardakani
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Implementing Non-Repetitive Designs on Upholstery Fabrics

Author : Soniya Avazpour, Loghman Karimi, Salar Zohoori
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Investigating the Reasons for the Growth of Mural Paintings of Merchants’ Houses in Yazd in the Qajar Era Based on the Constructed Model of Durability Process of Symbolic Capital

Author : Ali Akbar Sharifi Mehrjardi
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