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Fall Injuries Prevention among Rural Population, with Contribution of Rural Health Workers

Author : Mohammadreza Shokouhi
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The Effect of Integrated Management System on Risk Priority Number of Environmental Assessment by FMEA Method in Yazd Persepolis Tile Factory

Author : Rohollah Fallah Madvari 1, Yousef Mohammadian 2, Alireza Fallah Madvari 3 Kamran Najafi 4, Vali Sarsangi 5, Fereydoon Laal *6
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Surveillance of Foodborne Illnesses in Association with Ecological Conditions in Yazd Province, Iran

Author : Mohammad Hassan Ehrampoush 1, Mohammad Mehdi Soltandallal 2, 3 Abbas Ali Dehghani Tafti 4, Mehdi Yaseri 5, Farzaneh Aminharati 6*
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Health and Treatment Network Response to Flood, a Natural Disaster (Case Report)

Author : Seyed Akbar Hosseini 1*, Fatemeh Taheri 2, Fariborz Yazdi 3, Babak Shiravand 1, Nosratollah Ghasemi 4
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A Study of the Change in Housewives’ Knowledge and Attitude toward Household Emergency Kit in Yazd, 2015-2016

Author : Azadeh Fatehpanah
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The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in Disaster Management: A Case study of Bam Earthquake, Iran

Author : Saeed Fallah1, Jhila Hosseini nejad2
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Is the Management of Tehran Disaster through Designated Auxiliary Provinces Scientific and Practical?

Author : Ali Asgari
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Terrorist Shooting to Responders’ Cars in Tehran Terrorist Attack in 2017: A Case Report

Author : Ahad Heydari
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