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Priorities of the electronic commerce market development in Ukraine in the context of integration in the world economic space

Author : Oleksiy Zasenko
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The influence of the implementation of E-tendering on the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises in construction industry

Author : Oleksandr Sydorenko
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Modern trends in development of international scientific and technological cooperation

Author : Maxym Polyakov
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The essence of economic analysis and its role in a construction company management

Author : Oleksandra Kononova, Tetiana Ivanytska
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The imperatives of the formation of an information society

Author : Iryna Kalenuk, Antonina Dyakon
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Key competencies of managerial level employees for sustainability in hospitality business

Author : Olegs Nikadimovs, Olga Zvereva, Zane Ezerina, Jekaterina Korjuhina
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The parameters of the influence of visual cognition on the process of learning and thinking

Author : Halyna Ilina
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