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Agrometeorological research on forage cactus and its advances in Brazil

Author : Thieres G. F. da Silva, Gherman G. L. de Araújo, Magna S. B. de Moura and Luciana S. B. de Souza
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Use biofertilizer of agronomic performance cultivars Allium ascalonicum in edafoclimatic conditions of the Brejo Paraibano-Brazil

Author : José R. de C. Neto, Patricia C. Abraão, Andréa C. F. Demartelaere, Luiz L. Ferreira, Maria L. de S. Medeiros, Guilherme V. G. de Pádua and Bruna L. N. Alves
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Cocoa production systems with emphasis on aspects that improve production in the State of Pará Brazil

Author : André dos S. Melo, Sara R. Batista, Cristiano A. da Costa, Joiro J. Vilar, Paloma França, Sebastião G. Augusto and Daniel L. Pereira
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The action of 8-hydroxyquinoline and chlorine in the durability of the postharvest torch ginger variety Red Torch

Author : Kelem S. Fonseca, Luzia F. da Silva, Carolina A. de Brito, Maria A. dos S. Morais, Samara L. de Almeida, Alexandre M. da R. F. Jardim and Adriano do N. Simões
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Changes in chemical attributes of soil treated with tannery sludge in Amazonia

Author : Sandra T. Teixeira, Paulo G. S. Wadt, Daniel V. Perez, Fabiane Bertotti and Christie Klimas
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Effects of racial groups hereford, braford and hereford crossed in the hereford meat program

Author : Marcelo M. Severo, Saimon de S. e Souza, Fabiano N. Vaz, Ricardo Z. Vaz and Ana P. M. Martini
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Resistance of common bean to Meloidogyne javanica under elevated temperatures

Author : Rodrigo R. Fidelis, Danilo P. Ramos, Paulo R. Pereira. Ildon R. do Nascimento, Vitor de L. Nascimento and Karen C. L. Silva
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