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First record of predation on the psyllid Euphalerus clitoriae & Guajará by the ladybird beetle in Clitoria fairchildiana (Howard)

Author : Mayara Petenusso and José Adriano Giorgi
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Precision irrigation in almonds based on plant water status

Author : Erin Kizer, Channing Ko-Madden, Kelley Drechsler, Julie Meyers, Chunxia Jiang, Ronilson de S. Santos and Shrinivasa K. Upadhyaya
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Control of machine traffic in grain producing properties of the Brazilian central plateau

Author : Thiago P. da S. Correia, Francisco Faggion and Carlos Alberto B. Franz
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Postharvest storage of rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum L.) under passive modified atmosphere

Author : Alex G. Sanches, Amanda G. Silveira, Maryelle B. da Silva, Elaine G. S. Moreira and Carlos A. M. Cordeiro
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Postharvest life of cut chrysanthemum flowers as affected by citric acid, boric acid and salicylic acid

Author : Bruna T. S. Balieiro, Miguel A. Júnior, Marcos R. da S. Vieira, Angela V. de Souza, Simone M. C. de O. Moreira, Antonio H. C. do Nascimento, Walter S. E. Júnior and Gilberto R. B. de Souza
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Allelopathic potential of aqueous extracts of leaves and branches of minter under initial development of the cowpea bean

Author : Elton C. P. V. A. Teles, Luiz F. C. Júnior, Alysson M. Sobreira, Thiago B. Calado, Vanessa R. S. Barboza and Monalisa A. D. da Silva
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Symbiotic interaction in forage crop cultivations: A review

Author : Alexandre M. da R. Ferraz Jardim, José R. I. Silva, Mauricio L. de M. Vieira Leite, Vicente I. Teixeira, Renilson P. Morato, George do Nascimento A. Júnior and Thieres G. F. da Silva
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