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Party and Regional Affiliations in Increasing the Phenomenon of Divorce in Zanzibar: A Maqasidic Study

Author : Bilal Jumah Ramadhan; Arif Ali Arif; Hossam elDin ElSayfi
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Reasons and Claims of Abrogation and Their Impact on Shariah Rulings: An Applied Study

Author : Hakim Ibrahim Abdul Jabbar alShamiri
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Gender Equality; Its Concept, Intellectual Deviation in It and Its Negative Effects: A Case Study of Inheritance and Blood Money

Author : Ahmad Salim alKharousi
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Taking Salary for Salah and Imamate Its Ruling and Regulations: A Case Study of Malaysia

Author : Abdul Manan Ismail; Muhd Rashid Abdul Razzaq
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Guarantees of Management of the Investigating Judge in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Their Impact on His Independence in the Light of Islamic Law and International Treaties

Author : Yasir Salim alQurashi; Muhammad Ibrahim elNajashi; Muhammad Laeba
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Appropriate Usuli Sources in Building the Jurisprudence of Muslim Minorities

Author : Halim Merzouqi
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The Enforceability of Wa‘d Mulzim (Binding Promise) from a Fiqh Perspective: A Critical Analysis of Wad Application in Sukuk Contracts

Author : Mohd Fuad Md. Sawari; Nik Azizu Nik Abdullah; Mustafa Mat Jubri Shamsuddin; Akhtarzaite Abd. Aziz
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Consideration of Custom (Urf) by the Izalah Organization in Gombe, Nigeria: A Critical Examination

Author : Aishatu Abubakar Kumo; Sayed Sikandar Shah; Luqman Zakariyah
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The Principle of Considering the Consequences of Actions in the Shari?ah Standard for Tawarruq Issued by the AAOIFI

Author : Zakaria Sherif, Bouhedda Ghalia, Younes Soualhi
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