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The Rules of Worships (Ibadat) for Those Affected by Floods: A Juristic Analytical Study

Author : Mohd Izzuddin Bin Mohd Noor; Mustafa bin Mat Jubri Shamsuddin
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Consuming Prohibited Substances in Sport Activities: A Legal and Shariah Perspective

Author : Ahmad Saad Ahmad al-Dafrawi; Mohamad Asmadi bin Abdullah; Majdah Zawawi; Zainudin bin Ismail
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Appraising the Legal Position of Parents Under The Qi?a? Law: Immunity or A Waiver

Author : Mohd Afandi Awang Hamat
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Rules of Cohabitation in Islamic Jurisprudence A Comparative Study with Digo Customs in The Republic of Kenya

Author : Manswab Mahsen Abdulrahman; Hossam elDin ElSayfi
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Deserting the Wife Between Disciplining and Abuse: An Islamic Jurisprudential Study

Author : Orwah Ikrimah Sabri
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