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The Penalty Clauses in Leasing Contract Which Ends With Ownership (al-Ijarah al-Muntahiyah bi al-Tamlik)

Author : Said Salim al-Sinani, Mohamad Sabri Zakaria, Mohd Fuad Mohd Sawari
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The Effect of Custom in the Criteria of Competence in Marriage: A Maqasidic Study

Author : Ali Mubarak al-Safran, Miszairi Sitiris, Arif Ali Arif
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The Objectives of Shariah in Will: A Case Study of As-Salihin Trustee Company

Author : Abdul Bari Awang, Amilah Awang, Hassan Suleiman, Ahmad Akram Mahmad Robbi, Faiz Hatim Hanapi
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The Applications of Endowment on Women’s Inheritance in the Society of Reguiba District, Algeria: An Analytical Evaluative Study

Author : Khawla Ghouri Bachir, Abdul Bari Awang
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Maqa?id al-Shari?ah and Effects of Their Negligence on Religious Extremism: A Case Study of Boko Haram of Nigeria

Author : Otuyo Ibrahim Jamiu
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Value-Based Intermediation: An Analysis from The Perspective of Shariah And Its Objectives

Author : Rusni Hassan, Fatimah Mohamad Nor
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Sukuk Default Regulation in Malaysia and United Arab Emirates: Comparative Analysis

Author : Saheed Abdullahi Busari, Luqman Zakariyah, Akhtarzaite Abdul Aziz
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Muraba?ah-Ta?awun Financing: An Innovation in Islamic Personal Financing

Author : Aminu Sikiru Olanrewaju, Saheed Abdullahi Busari
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Google and Segmentation of the Islamic Finance Body of Knowledge

Author : Mohamed Hamour, Saad eldin Mansour Mohammed
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