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Ways to Address Contemporary Economic Corruption in the Light of Islamic Law

Author : Hossam elDin elSayfi
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The Circular Economy from an Islamic Perspective

Author : Salih Qadir Kareem al-Zanki, Mona Moussa
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Insurance Surplus and Its Applications in Al-Rajhi Takaful Company

Author : Muhammad Laeba, Muhammad Ibrahim elNajashi, Ismail Duramae, Hisham Mahmud Zaki
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Environmental Development and Its Human Pathways in the Holy Quran

Author : Mahamed Fathy Mohamed Eletrebi, Hassan Sulaimen, Abdul Bari Awang, Elsayid Makki ElBishrAli Haassan
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Study of Donation of Debt in Islamic Jurisprudence with Emphasis on Imami and Hanafi Schools of Law

Author : Abbas Mirshekari, Alireza Fattahi keti late, Ali Abedi, Ramin Ghasemi
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The Impact of the Doctor Purpose in Determining the Degree of Liability for the Result of his Action

Author : Mohammad Mutleq Mohammad Assaf, Mohammad Salim Mustafa
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