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Undergraduate-community Engagement: Evidence from UiTM Sarawak

Author : Ellen Chung, Vloreen Nity Mathew
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The Potential of Role-play in Undergraduate Psychology Training

Author : Marie Caltabiano, Ed Errington, Lynette Ireland, Reesa Sorin, Amanda Nickson
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The Relationship between Perceived Teachers’ Self-disclosure and Out-ofclassroom Communication among Malaysian Undergraduates in a Private Institution of Higher Learning

Author : Aniljeet Singh, Paul Gnanaselvam Pakirnathan, S. Maartandan Suppiah
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The Analytic Process of Q Methodology

Author : Siti Maftuhah Damio
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Understanding of Function and Quadratic Function among Secondary School Students in Selangor

Author : Teoh Sian Hoon, Parmjit Singh, Ummi Kalsom Abdul Halim
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Pre-service Art Teachers’ Perception of Multicultural Art Education and Teaching Students from Multicultural Background: An Exploratory Study

Author : Sherinaz Basree Binti Abdul Rahman, Siti Zuraida Maaruf, Shireena Basree Binti Abdul Rahman
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