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Kinetic Behavior of the Adsorption of Malachite Green Using Jordanian Diatomite as Adsorbent

Author : Authors: Emad El Qada
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Removal of Paracetamol from Wastewater by Calcined Gypsum: Adsorption and Kinetics Study

Author : Hossam Al-Itawi
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Hydrologic System Protection by Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Technologies in Jordan

Author : Naser Almanaseer
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Experimental Investigation of developing the Thermal Performance of the Integrated Collector Storage Solar System by Lateral Perforated Fins

Author : AlEssa Abdullah, Al bkoor Khalideh, Tahaineh Hamza
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Quantitative Structure-Properties Relationships and Molecular Dynamic Simulations of Some Lubricant Additives (LAs)

Author : Usman Abdulfatai, Adamu Uzairu, Sani Uba, Gideon Shallangwa
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Steam injection in porous media: Case study Wadi-Rajil, Jordan

Author : Mahasneh Mehaysen , Falah Banihani, Hussam Alkhasawneh
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