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Analysis of Different Reallocation Results in Land Consolidation Project

Author : Tayfun Çay, Ela Ertunç
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Metal Bioaccumulation/Toxicity Test for Metal Industry Wastewaters

Author : Zeynep Cansu Ayturan , Fatma Kunt, Sukru Dursun
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Insects as Food and Feed in The Turkey: Current Behaviours

Author : Eda Günes , Melike Özkan
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Review of Estimation The Effects of Petroleum Refinery Effluents on The Physicochemical Properties for Surface Water

Author : Mosstfa Maaroof, Sukru Dursun
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Caryophyllaceae Holocene Layout in Elbasan City – Albania

Author : Admir Jançe, Anila Jançe
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Organochlorinated Pesticides and PCB In Some Medicinal Plants from South-East Albania

Author : Bledar Murtaj , Aurel Nuro, Jonida Salihila
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Statical Analysis of Infilled Frames

Author : Adnan Karaduman
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