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Evaluation of hemogram parameters in diabetic patients with coronary artery ectasia

Author : Mehmet Inanir
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Early graft survival after renal transplantation, single center experience

Author : Ozlem Beyler, Mehmet Ozen, Ihsan Ergun
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A prospective study of serum concentrations of leptin, homocysteine and insulin resistance in children with steroid-sensitive nephrotic syndrome

Author : Ipek Guney Varal, Mahmut Civilibal, Nilgun Selcuk Duru, Murat Elevli
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Ultrastructural examination of left internal mammary artery under electron microscopy in patients with chronic kidney disease who underwent coronary bypass surgery

Author : Erhan Renan Ucaroglu, Ufuk Turan Kursat Korkmaz, Ahmet Yuksel, Yusuf Velioglu, Mustafa Aldemir, Aysegul Kunt, Kemalettin Erdem, Erol Sener
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Millennium pandemic: A review of coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Author : Satilmis Bilgin, Ozge Kurtkulagi, Gizem Bakir Kahveci, Tuba T. Duman, Burcin Meryem Atak Tel
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Role of uric acid and other parameters in sudden sensorineural hearing loss

Author : Meltem Ilancioglu, Ahmet Ural, Bengu Cobanoglu, Asim Orem
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Extraspinal findings on routine lumbar spinal MR imaging: Prevalence and etiologies in 4012 patients

Author : Emine Dagistan, Zeliha Cosgun
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