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Evaluation of risk factors associated with pancreatic adenocarcinoma in Black Sea region, Turkey

Author : Murat Derebey, Kagan Karabulut, Saim Savas Yuruker, Ilhan Karabicak, Necati Ozen
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Investigation of a healthcare-associated candida infections in a Turkish intensive care unit: risk factors, therapy and clinical outcome

Author : Fatma Avcioglu, Fatma Sirmatel, Mustafa Behcet, Ogulcan Ozarslan, Hasan Tahsin Gozdas
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The efficacy of active warming in preventing unplanned hypothermia during perioperative period in pediatric surgery patients in a tertiary care center

Author : Ganime Esra Soysal, Arzu Ilce1, Ummuhan Yigit, Hulya Ozturk, Murat Bilgi
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Changes in levothyroxine pharmacokinetics following bariatric surgery in obese hypothyroid patients

Author : Feyzi Gokosmanoglu, Attila Onmez
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Investigation of the presence of pregnancy rhinitis in the third trimester with rhinomanometry

Author : Rustem Filiz, Ahmet Ural, Mehmet Ata Topcuoglu, Muharrem Dagli
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Optimization and screening of solid lipid nanoparticle production for gene delivery by factorial design and response surface methodology

Author : Hasan Akbaba, Melike Ozder
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Effect of gallic acid on liver injury during obstructive cholestasis after bile duct ligation in rat

Author : Erol Basuguy, Mehmet Hanifi Okur, Serkan Arslan, Hikmet Zeytun, Gulay Aydogdu, Aysun Ekinci
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Evaluation of epicardial fat tissue thickness in patients with multiple sclerosis

Author : Mehmet Cosgun, Isa Sincer, Yilmaz Gunes, Zafer Kok, Sule Aydin Turkoglu
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