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Is acupuncture effective against pain in patients with Parkinson s disease? A randomized controlled study

Author : Elif Yaksi1, Mustafa Fatih Yasar1, Nalan Dogan2,MuhammedBalci
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Cancer screening in the COVID-19 pandemic; Development of early diagnostic strategies

Author : Suleyman Ozsari
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DNA investigation in the exhaled breath condensate (EBC) in non-small cell lung cancer

Author : Emine Afsin, Mehmet Polatli, Gokay Bozkurt
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Development and validation of UV/VIS spectroscopy method for determination of atezolizumab in pharmaceutical products

Author : Meliha Ekinci1, Hasan Akbaba2, Ralph Santos-Oliveira3, Derya Ilem-Ozdemir
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The combined S velocity achieved from tricuspid annulus and pulmonary annulus with tissue Doppler imaging could predict the proximal right coronary artery occlusion in patients with inferior myocardial infarction

Author : Emrah Acar1, Neryan Ozgul2,Ibrahim Donmez1,Osman Yasin Yalcin1,Oguz Kayabas3,Sait Alan1,Ibrahim Akin Izgi
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Clopidogrel versus ticagrelor in chronic kidney disease patients presenting with acute coronary syndrome: A retrospective evaluation

Author : Serkan Karahan1, Orhan Ince1, Fahrettin Katkat2, Irfan Sahin1, Ertugrul Okuyan1, Muzaffer Murat Degertekin
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Is Helicobacter pyloriprevalence associated with the family population?

Author : Mehmet Ali Kosekli
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Serum FGF-21 levels in individuals with prediabetes and newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes mellitus

Author : Mujgan Gurler1,Ismail Dag2
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The effect of having COVID-19 on insomnia, fatigue, and quality of life A comparative study with vaccinated and unvaccinated COVID-19 negative patients

Author : Sibel Ustun Ozek
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