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Do AEO Programs Facilitate Trade? An Empirical Assessment of the OIC Member States1

Author : N. Nergiz Dinçer, Ayça Tekin-Koru
Abstract | Full Text

Public Perception of the Economic Role of the Government

Author : Tuba Bircan, Deniz Nebioglu
Abstract | Full Text

Relative Consumption and Life Satisfaction in Turkey

Author : Devrim Dumludag, Özge Gökdemir, Ruut Veenhoven
Abstract | Full Text

A Machine Learning Model For Rise-Fall Prediction For The Istanbul Stock Exchange 100 Index

Author : Murat Öztürkmen, Ercan Eren
Abstract | Full Text

Mexico: A Progressive Government Dilemma – Reforming the Political System and Facing an Epidemic Like No Other

Author : Alicia Puyana Mutis
Abstract | Full Text

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