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Subjective Well-Being Among Ethnic Minorities: The Role of Socio-economic and Non-economic Factors – the Dutch Case

Author : Özge Gökdemir, Devrim Dumludag
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Foreign Direct Investments and Economic Growth

Author : A. Suut Dogruel
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Dynamic Linkages between Germany Trade Trends and Export of Turkey: Evidence from DCC-GARCH Model and News Impact Curves

Author : Sabri Burak Arzova, Caner Özdurak
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Punctuations and Continuity in General Equilibrium Analysis: An Essay in Evolutionary Epistemology

Author : M. Aykut Attar
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Without a Father and Education: The Effect of Paternal Loss on the Schooling Outcomes of Children in Turkey

Author : Pinar Tat, Meltem Dayioglu
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