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The Role of Agricultural Credit in Stabilization of Rural Population: A Case Study of Rural Settlements in Kashan Area of Iran

Author : M. Taleshi & M. Ganjipour
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Factors Affecting the Tendency of Rural Youth to Employment in Agricultural Sector: A Case Study of Beyranshahr, Lorestan Province of Iran

Author : F. Hafezi & M. Rahimian & S. Gholamrezaei
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Strategic Analysis of Neighborhood Center Role in Sustainable Rural Tourism Development: A Case Study of Mianraz Village in Fuman County of Iran

Author : A. Danaeinia & Z. Beigi
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Evaluating the Technical Efficiency of Rural Cooperatives in Sistan and Baluchestan Province of Iran Using Fuzzy Data Envelopment Analysis (FDEA) Model

Author : N. Nazaripour & S.M. Hossieni
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Comparative study of mental quality of life in the historical-cultural tourism target and non- target villages in Marvdasht County

Author : N. Aliyari 1 & Karami & M. Sharifzadeh
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The Impact of Subsidy Policy Change on Food Poverty in Rural community in Fars Province of Iran, 2008-2014

Author : A. Shirvanian
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Analyzing the Implementation Obstacles of Rural Guide Plans in Rural Areas of Tabriz County in Iran

Author : H. Khodayi & A. Asadi & F. Amani
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