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Stimuli and Inhibitors of Rural Tourism Development: A Case Study of Kolm Village in Badreh County of Iran

Author : T. Naseri & M.B. Arayesh
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Application of FDEMATEL Approach to Formulate and Prioritize the Handicrafts Development Strategies in Villages of Khuzestan Province of Iran

Author : M. Goodarzi & S. Maleki & A. Arianpur
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Investigating the Income Inequality in Rural Households of Neyshabur County of Iran with Emphasis on the Role of Non-Farm Incomes

Author : S. Iravani & M. Daneshvar Kakhki & M. Ghorbani & A. Karbasi
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Factor Influencing the Own-Business Start-up in Rural Areas of Iran

Author : Gh. Abdollahzadeh & A. Jamshidi Kouhsari & S.H. Hosseini-Almadani & M.Sh. Sharifzadeh
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Evaluation of Micro-Credit Funds for Rural Women in Lorestan Province of Iran

Author : M. Babaei-Amin & M. Baradaran & M. Forouzani
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Sociological Explanation of Women’s Participation in Livelihoods of Rural Society (Case Study: North Khorasan province of Iran)

Author : A. Mohseni Tabrizi & Gh. Ghafari & H. Nayebi & M. Efati
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Rural Entrepreneurship Development Model Based on Cognitive Empowerment and Explaining the Role of Institutional Environment in It: A Case Study of Rural Businesses

Author : Sh. Zandieh & A. Sarafizadeh Ghazvini & A. Alam Tabriz & K. Sakhdari
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