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Sustainable Rurality in Torbat Heydariyeh County of Iran

Author : M. Mirzaei & M. Kolahi
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Strategic Analysis of Rural Tourism Development in Sarbaz County of Iran

Author : A. Raisi & M. Sheihaki Tash & H. Salarzehi
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Analyzing the Food Basket of Rural Households in Iran

Author : A. Amjadi; E. Barikani
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A Comparative Study of Land Reform Act and Its Amendment in Iran

Author : A. Norouzi & E. Shahbazi
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Measuring the Drought Implications and Their Impact on Rural Youth Intention toward Migration in Hamedan County of Iran

Author : M. Poureghbali & A. Shams & A. Gheidi
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Determination of Factors Affecting the Prevalence of Undernourishment in Rural Areas of Iran

Author : M.M. Farsi Aliabadi 1 M. Daneshvar Kakhki & M. Sabouhi Sabouni & A. Dourandish & H. Amadeh
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Providing a Model for Improving Village Entrepreneurship Development: A Case Study of Shazand County of Iran

Author : T. Sharghi & F.S. Bagheri & M. Mohamadzadeh Nasrabadi
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