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Effect of Storage Time of Jamu Beras Kencur on Mold Growth

Author : Fransiskus Xaverius Agung Pinto Laksono, Ratih Dewi Dwiyanti, Rifqoh Rifqoh, Aima Insana
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Test the Effectiveness of Lemongrass Leaf Juice (Citrus hystrix) As a Vegetable Insecticide Against Mortality of Head Lice (Pediculus humanus capitis) In Vitro

Author : Nidha Pusvita, Anny Thuraidah, Rifqoh Rifqoh, Dinna Rakhmina
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Profile of Fasting Blood Glucose Levels with and Without Drinking Water

Author : Karenima Eka Wahyu Nurrois
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Contamination of Soil Transmitted Helminths (STH) on Leek (Allium fistulosum L.)

Author : Dwi Ratna Cahyaningrum, Ririh Jatmi Wikandari
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Uric Acid Levels in Elderly Gymnastics Participants at the Elderly Posyandu

Author : Fransiska Pangalissani
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Microscopic Quality Profile of Mice Liver (Mus musculus) with 2µm, 5µm and 8µm Thickness Sections

Author : Mircha Restiana Elen
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Profile of Sputum Examination Results in Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB) Patients

Author : Alisa Khodrun Nadza, Surati
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Perbandingan Berbagai Metode Pengecatan Spora pada Bacillus Cereus

Author : Widodo, Devi Etivia Purlinda, Ahmad Riadi
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Olive Oil as a Substitute for Xylene in Histological Tissue Processing for Mice’s Skin and Liver by Hematoxyline Eosin Staining: A Comparative Study

Author : Eko Naning Sofyanita, Arya Iswara, Djoko Priyatno
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