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Determination of Selected Trace Metal in Banana Growing at Kola Shele, Arba Minch, Ethiopia

Author : Tsegaye Fekadu Egza
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A Review of Eco-Friendly Preservative and Bio-Tannin Materials Using Powdered Barks of Local Plants for the Processing of Goatskin.

Author : Franco John Unango, Ramesh Duraisamy and Karthikeyan M Ramasamy
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Review on Asymmetric Transformations with Chiral Phase-Transfer Catalysts.

Author : Tesfaye Tebeka and Atitegebe Abera
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Clarifying Capacity of Eco-Friendly Nano Cao and Okra (Abelmoschus Esculentus) Extract on the Processing of Sugarcane Juice: A Review.

Author : Majur Mading Makur, Ramesh Duraisamy and Tewodros Birhanu
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An analysis of Quality characteristics of Bamboo/cotton blended yarns of Rotor and Ring spun.

Author : G. Nagarajan, Dr. T. Ramachandran and S.Boobalan
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Measuring Selection Intensities among Kolam Population: Manifested through Differential Fertility and Differential Mortality.

Author : Dr. Bharathi K
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A Review on the Investigation of Biologically Active Natural Compounds on Cotton Fabrics as an Antibacterial Textile Finishing

Author : Franco John Unango, Karthikeyan M Ramasamy
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Synthesis and Characterization of Tin (II) and Lead (II) Complexes with Benzylidene Aniline Ligand

Author : Tolessa Egeta Dufera, Sofani Tafesse and Ramesh Duraisamy
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Examination of Different Inks Available in Ethiopia Using VSC 8000, U.V-Visible Spectrophotometer and TLC: Study of Their Discrimination Potential

Author : Natinael Mekonnen
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