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Arts Based Education Relevance in Seratwedhatama by K.G.P.A.A Mangkunegaran IV in Nusantara

Author : Setyo Pambudi, Sigit Tri Utomo, Nur Alfi Muanayah
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Using E-Learning Technologies in Teaching and Learning Process

Author : Lina Lafta Jassim
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Instructional Supervision Towards Teacher’s Quality of YIK Religious Secondary Schools in Kelantan, Malaysia

Author : Nasuha binti Haji Musa
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Home Visit Program in Minimizing Stay in Class and Dropout at Elementary School of Sampangan, Semarang

Author : Hamidulloh Ibda, Dian Marta Wijayanti
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Henry Mintzberg’s Business Management Strategy Post-Pandemic Covid-19 (Social Learning Approach on Ali Murah Shop Madinah)

Author : Fania Mutiara Savitri, Yuris Tri Naili
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