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Correlation of blood muscle strength and waist flexibility to students’ roundhouse kick skills in Putera Sekar (Pencak Silat) academy

Author : Muhammad Anwarudin, Muhammad Iqbal, Tri Bayu Norito
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Four square method for improving students’ writing ability in EF Teens & Kids Kalimalang

Author : Febriany Maria Lumenta, Ade Surista, Ahmad Kurnia
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Motivation of a slow learner in an elementary school

Author : Amalia Rizki Febriyani, Deden Haerudin
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Number lines in learning mathematic integer at the upper level

Author : Mutia Amini, Fachri Helmanto, Arif Hidayat
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Spiritual values of education on Karate Kid

Author : Yuliana Fatima Dayana, Fachri Helmanto
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