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Al-Amwal According to the Quran: Using the Maudhui Method

Author : Ansar Sahabi & Kartini Baide
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Nadzirs Role in the Management of Waqf Mosque Land in Bone Bolango Regency, Indonesia

Author : Yuslan Pikoli, Brilian Rizky Rachman & Wahid Yasin
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The Effect of Service Quality and Results on Customer Satisfaction Mudharabah Savings in PT. Bank Syariah Mandiri Gorontalo Branch Office, Indonesia

Author : Adelia Arkani & Muhibbuddin
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Empirical Study of Entrepreneurship in Tijarah Concept

Author : Abdiansyah Linge & Upi Sopiah Ahmad
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The Role of Islamic Phylantropic Institutions in Distribution of ZIS During Ramadhan to the Community in Deme 2 Village North Gorontalo, Indonesia

Author : Siti Harnia
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