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Paddy Farmers Intention to Participate in Agriculture Takaful in Sri Lanka: A Case Study

Author : Rifas Abi Huraira & Seinulabdeen Nadhira Jahan
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Electronic Wallet as a Multi Payment Media Solution in the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0: Study on FEBI Students IAIN Sultan Amai Gorontalo, Indonesia

Author : Sofhian & Mirsa Gulam Daaliwa
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The Effect of Interest in becoming a Sharia Bank Customer to Students of FEBI Universitas Suryakancana, Indonesia

Author : Dadang Husen Sobana & Melani Salsabila Anjani
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The Role of BMT KUBE Sejahtera 036 in Empowering Community Economy in Maccini Gusung, Makassar City, Indonesia

Author : Abdurrahman Mansyur, Nurul Hudaya & Engku Muhammad Tajuddin Engku Ali
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Conception of Money in Islamic Economic Dimension

Author : Ismi Yonifia
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