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The Removal of Antibiotics from Aqueous Solutions by Bentonite Supported-Nanoscale Zero-Valent Iron

Author : Gülsah Baskan
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Creation and comparison of three-dimensional models of a mechanical part in agriculture field by forward and reverse engineering

Author : Özgür Verim, Ahmet Mete Sabah
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Air quality assessment for Kunooz Gabbro quarry in Oman: assessment of PM10

Author : Sabah Abdul-Wahab, Isra Osman, Nasser Al-Shukaili
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Sustainable Financing of Urban Transformation Projects in Environments with High Market Uncertainty: The Case of Türkiye

Author : Gürkan Isik
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Efficiency Analysis of Covid 19 Filtration with The Theoretical Approach Developed for Single Fiber Efficiency

Author : Dilara Coskun, Korhan Ökten, Atilla Biyikoglu
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Estimation of PM10 and SO2 Substances with Extreme Learning Methods for Analysis of Air Pollution in Amasya Province

Author : Salih Berkan Aydemir
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The Comparison of The Two Different Patella Fracture Fixation Technique: Finite Element Analysis

Author : Yunus Demirtas, Abdulsamet Emet
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The Geometry of Invariant Submanifolds of a (?,µ)-Paracontact Metric Manifold

Author : Pakize Uygun, Süleyman Dirik, Mehmet Atçeken, Tugba Mert
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