Eurasian Journal of Toxicology[ ISSN No. : 2667-8675 ]
Articles of Volume : 1 Issue : 1, March, 2019
The Effects of Magnesium Levels on Prognosis in Organophosphate Poisoning

A Dystonia Case Due to Metoclopramid Usage /

Demographic and Clinical Characteristics of Applications to The Emergency Service for Suicide Attempts

Demographic and Clinical Characteristics of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Data Between 2014 and 2018 in Erzurum

Infant Death Due to Aluminum Phosphide Intoxication, An Uncontrolled Insecticide Used : Case Report

The Evaluation of Blood Glucose and pH Levels of the Patients Who Attempt Suicide With Drug Overdose

Multiple Organ Failure Due to Fungal Intoxication; Case Report

Acil Servise Parasetamol Intoksikasyonu Nedeniyle Basvuran Hastalarin Degerlendirilmesi / Sayfalar

Demographic Analysis of Suicide Victims Presenting to The Emergency Department With Drug-induced Intoxication

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning