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The Relation Between Kareena (Evidence) and Meaning

Author : Ilyas Karsli - Ahmet Kaplan
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A Concrete Example of Allah-Human Being Relation in Quran: Muvafaqah

Author : Mehmet Akif Alpaydin
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A Sociological Research on the Attitude of Religious People against Postmodern Poverty

Author : Erol Sungur
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The Presentation of Abdullah El-Kalîs Menâru Subuli l-Hudâ and Aqidetu Ehli-Tuqâ and The Verification of Its Preface

Author : Ismail Bayer
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Dâr al-Iftâ al-Misriyyah and Its Some Approaches to The Quran

Author : Bayram Koseoglu
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