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After Ohrid Framework Agreement Ethnic Discrimination in Macedonia and Turkey Role in Permanent Peace Settlement

Author : Mehmet Dalkiliç
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Transformation of A Historical Imagination of Knowledge and Mankind by Qur’an, Hadiths, and the Prophet

Author : Zeynep Canan Kocak
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Social Life, Institutions and Traditions in Alawism Presented in Journal of Cem

Author : Ahmet Ishak Demir - Yasar Sanli
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A Different Approach to the Incident of Moon’s Splitting Which is a Sensational Miracle Imputed to Prophet Muhammad

Author : Ihsan Arslan
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The First Confrontation between Muslims and the Christian Byzantine Empire: Mu’tah Battle

Author : Recep Erkocaaslan
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Commentary of Tantarani’s Kasida al-Tantaraniyya by Kemaleddin Harputi

Author : Ahmet Karatas
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A Psychotherapy Tradition from Past to Today Specific to al-Tanukhi and al-Udeydan: Works on al-Farac bades-shiddah

Author : Adnan Arslan
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The Value of Patriotism from the Perspective of the Students of Imam Hatip Secondary Schools

Author : Bayramali Naziroglu - Mehmet Zeki Goksu
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