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Current Situation, Problems and Solutions of Bean in TR71 Region

Author : Sevgi Çalışkan
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The Analysis of the Factors Affecting Fruit Mineral Water Preferences By Logit Model: The Case of Beypazarı

Author : Rüveyda Kızıloğlu, Halil Kızılaslan, Nuray Kızılaslan
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Soil Formation and Taxonomy in Yeşilırmak River Terraces

Author : Alper Durak, Mehmet Erdem Aydın
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Determination of Some Quality Criteria of the Kefir Produced with Molasses and Plum

Author : Tuğba Kök Taş, Erkut İlay, Ayla Öker
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Impacts of the Climate Change on Agricultural Food Security, Traditional Knowledge and Agroecology

Author : Murat Türkeş
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Effects of Seasonal Changes (The Spring and The Autumn) on Microbial Population of the Surface Soils Planted the Various Tree Species

Author : Hasan Hüseyin Koç, Hatice Nur Yişil, Ayten Öztürk
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New Alternative Protein Sources Used in Poultry Nutrition

Author : Mehmet Akif Özcan
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