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Small sized L- shaped Meandered quad band Quasi Fractal Patch Antenna

Author : Seema Vijay, Ramesh Bharti, Ajay Kumar Bairwa, Chirag Khattar
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Integrated Aperture Shaped Microstrip (ASM) Antenna With Added CDMB/WiBro/WLAN/CMMB Bands

Author : Yashwant Kumar Soni, Priya Maheshwari
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Single & Double Diamond Circular Microstrip Patch Antenna

Author : Chirag Khattar, Ajay Kumar Bairwa, Ramesh Bharti, Ramesh Kumar
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Analysis of hybrid elliptical air hole ring As2Se3 glass PCF for Zero Dispersion

Author : Ashish Mittal, Ajay Kumar Bairwa, Ramesh Bharti
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