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Distributed Scheduling algorithm to bringing Fairness to Peer-to-Peer Systems

Author : Kode Durga Prasad, S.Senthil Kumar, D.Saravanan
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Blind frame synchronization technique of sparse parity check matrix codes on secure communications

Author : Zhou Jing, Huang Zhiping, Su Shaojing, Zhang Yimeng
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Reviewing the relationship between Organizational agility & Job Satisfaction Staff in the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports Iran

Author : Gholamreza Nabatchian, Seyyed Jafar Moosavi, Ali Mohammad Safania
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DC Motor Speed Control using Artificial Neural Network

Author : Yogesh, Swati Gupta, Mahesh Garg
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Architecture of Data Warehouse: A Comprehensive Study

Author : Rashmi Bhatia
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