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Quintessential Frameworks to Enable Farmers to Easily Identify Pests and Diseases on their Own

Author : Mohan Krishna Chowdry A
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Potential Use of Somatic Embryogenesis

Author : Minal N Patel
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Callus Induction from Leaf and Stem Explants of Selected Turkish Genotypes of Common Bean

Author : Asli Küçükrecep and Dilek Tekdal
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How to Make Use of the Citrus Peels in Pakistan

Author : Anwar Ul Haq Yousafzai, Urooj Anwar, Yong-Mei Su, Hong-Xing Yang and Jian Wang
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Ovule-Embryo Culture in Lentil (Lens culinaris Medikus)

Author : Dilek Tekdal
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Integrated Nutrient Management System is Must for Improving Soil Health and Achieving Higher Productivity Goals in the Semi-arid Tropics (SAT)

Author : KL Sharma
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Assessment of Factors Influencing the Brand Preference of Mobile Phones Among Post Graduate Students of Home Science College

Author : Varnam Radhika and Velivelli Vijaya Lakshmi
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Evaluation and Mapping of Soil Quality in Bach Dang Commune, Tan Uyen Town, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam

Author : Vu Ngoc Hung and Dang Trung Thanh
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