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Firm Ownership Networks in Turkey

Author : Alper Duman, Elifnur Uysal
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Historical Crises of Capitalism and Impacts on International Monetary Systems

Author : Abdullah Özdemir, Mehmet Özyigit
Abstract | Full Text

Taking Back Control? The Future of Western Democratic Capitalism

Author : Wolfgang Streeck
Abstract | Full Text

A Macro Analysis on the V alue and Profit Notions of Marx

Author : Cem Mehmet Baydur
Abstract | Full Text

Use of Repurposed EV Batteries in the Ser vice Sector: A Smart Facility Application

Author : Denizhan Güven, Gülgün Kayakutlu, M. Özgür Kayalic
Abstract | Full Text

Foreign Airlines During the Foundation Era of Turkish Civil Aviation and Partnership Attempts

Author : Abdullah Nergiz
Abstract | Full Text

A Critique on Ottoman P rimitive Agrarian Society

Author : Ertugrul Tokdemir
Abstract | Full Text

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