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Ecological-Based Tourism Opportunities: A Study On The Case Of The Coast Of Persembe-Fatsa

Author : Özgür KAMER AKSOY, Cengiz ACAR
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A Landscape Matrix Proposal For Haliç (Golden Horn) Coastal Zone

Author : Arzu KUTKAM
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Effects Of Climate Change On Main Forest Tree Species In Turkey

Author : Almira UZUN, Ayse Gül SARIKAYA
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Determining The Change On The Water Surface Of Lake Namak By Using Remote Sensing Methods By Water Indexs (AWEI, MNDWI, NDWI And WRI)

Author : Hande ÖZVAN
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Climate Change And Paris Agreement: An Evaluation In The Case Of Turkey

Author : Rabia ÖZKUL, Fatma MERMER
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Effects Of Auditory Landscape On The Users In Case Antalya

Author : Ülkü Ceren ARSLAN, Ömer K. ÖRÜCÜ
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