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ISSN No. :1053-7899
Journal Title :MSW Management (Multidisciplinary, Scientific Work and Management Journal)
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Publisher Name :Dr. Nomwon D Gijam, France
Country :United Kingdom
Language :English
Discipline :Multidiciplinary
Organization Name :Forester
Frequency :Biannual
Start Year :2001
Journal Description :The mission of the MSW Management Journal is to play a key role in disseminating high-quality scientific research in developing countries. The journal is committed to serving as a periodic publication venue for theoretical and applied research in the field of professional business, studying organizations, nations, markets, and society at large. Goals MSW Management Journal main goals are to promote scientific production and dissemination, as well as the advancement of knowledge, in developing countries. The journal seeks to publish original and unpublished articles that address relevant issues and offer valuable insights in the field of professional business. Scope The scope of MSW Management Journal encompasses a wide range of topics related to Multidisciplinary, Scientific Work, Management and Professional Business, with an emphasis on the needs and challenges faced by developing countries. The journal values: - New theoretical perspectives: MSW Management Journal seeks contributions that enable a greater understanding and variety of professional business, with the aim of improving management efficiency and offering critical approaches. Priority is given to the development of new challenging theories, the enhancement of existing theory, and the identification of new research questions. - Empirical research and practical essays: The journal values empirical investigations and essays that demonstrate practical application in the field of professional business. Unpublished and relevant contributions that utilize quantitative and/or qualitative methods are prioritized. In addition to the traditional editorial, MSW Management Journal offers the following types of content: - Editorial comments - Articles - Technical reports - Perspectives - Literature reviews
Licence Type :CC BY-SA
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