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ISSN No. :1314-2313
Journal Title :???????? ????????.??
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Publisher Name :Todor Tanev
Country :Afghanistan
Language :bulgarian
Discipline :Multidiciplinary
Organization Name :Department of Public Administration
Frequency :Quarterly
Start Year :2010
Journal Description :The electronic magazine „???????? ????????.bg” (PUBLIC POLICIES.BG) provides scientific support to good governance in Bulgaria. It is aimed both at practitioners and scientists in the field of public sector management. Both groups can publish in it, as well as vice versa – to find the empirical or theoretical information provided by the "beyond". The magazine is scientific. The articles are reviewed and selected for publishing by Editorial Board using the peer review method, ie. by assessing the correspondence of the texts with scientific criteria (scientific problem, thesis, scientific apparatus, method, evidence, achievement of a scientific fact). The Editorial Board is composed of scientists from different management courses and experienced representatives of management practice from the Council of Ministers and the local government. The magazine „???????? ????????.bg” (PUBLIC POLICIES.BG) strengthens and promotes modern management thinking in the categories of public policies, good governance and social networks. The magazine presents the advantages of this approach to the archaic linear management, which has embraced the public administration in captivity of passive performance. The magazine draws attention to the opportunities for creative, strategic and political responsibilities of the administration. Issues of great importance are the new role of public administration in the 21st century, the principles of good governance in the age of globalization, the network approach in governance, strategic thinking, the problems of the administrative elite in Bulgaria, administrative capacity and statehood. The research on the effectiveness and efficiency of the Bulgarian public administration is of central importance. Special attention is given to a multidisciplinary approach to the major problems of public governance. Topics of interest include management in healthcare, education, environmental protection, labor market, immigration, administrative reform, security, social activities, relations between the central and local levels. The techniques and methods for assessing policy implementation are also of interest as well as the financing and budgeting of administrative activity. Although the magazine focuses mainly on public policies in Bulgaria, „???????? ????????.bg” (PUBLIC POLICIES.BG) is paying special attention to good governance practices from Europe and the world.
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